Increased Job Postings?

Doran Barton fozz at
Thu Jan 18 12:28:52 MST 2007

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Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> Okay, humor aside, I think the reason we need a moderated list is so that people can
> post job listings without subscribing to a list they might care little about. The HR
> group at my company is tasked with hiring all types of positions whether IT, sales,
> or marketing. They care little about 99.9% of the traffic on PLUG. What PLUG is
> doing now is requiring them to subscribe before they can post. A moderated list
> would allow them to send out an e-mail and move on.

Not only that, but there may be people -- I can't possibly imagine how they
might exist -- but there may be people who are interested in job
announcements that might be posted through PLUG but don't want to subject
themselves to the traffic of the regular plug list.

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