Increased Job Postings?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Jan 18 12:20:17 MST 2007

On Thu, January 18, 2007 08:28, Steve wrote:
> Personally I'm against using a seperate moderated list for Job
> postings.  I think it would significantly reduce the number of job
> postings coming through, even if it did up the quality a little.  To
> be honest, most employers look at a list like PLUG as more of an after
> thought (Hey we've got a job and it's usin teh intarwebz lets git us
> some of dem talent Linux folks over on teh plug list)
> And if you raise the bar you're going to stop what may be very
> interesting jobs from coming through and doing so based solely on the
> writing skills of the person relaying the job info, who may or may not
> be the person actually looking for someone to fill the slot.

Actually the idea here was trying to make it easier for job posters, not harder. Let
me try to explain. I think a lot of HR/IT managers who 'sem to hv a prlblm typin on
da kebard luukin for dem lye nux fokes aint gonna have dat know how to subscribes to
da list.' ;-)

Okay, humor aside, I think the reason we need a moderated list is so that people can
post job listings without subscribing to a list they might care little about. The HR
group at my company is tasked with hiring all types of positions whether IT, sales,
or marketing. They care little about 99.9% of the traffic on PLUG. What PLUG is
doing now is requiring them to subscribe before they can post. A moderated list
would allow them to send out an e-mail and move on.

Now, if the company chooses they could take advantage of PLUG's Open Source
Employment Specialist to ensure their postings reach maximum potential. Not just on
the PLUG list, but everywhere else they post the job. Certainly most companies
won't, which is why I think it would be an easy service to offer. However, it gives
PLUG an 'in' it didn't have before. It would allow PLUG to respond to the poster and
say "Thank you for the job posting. We appriciate it. By the way, did you know PLUG
is the leading local open source organization for Linux professionals? We can help
you find the local Linux talent you need as a benefit to our members. Would you be
interested in more information about our group?" I think it would end up being an
important job.

With that said I still don't see a problem at all with people posting to the main
PLUG list. In fact, I think it gives 'props' to the company for being savvy enough
to do so. I don't know what everyone thinks, but I'd like PLUG to take any FOSS job
listing no matter how it gets here. Whatever we can do to facilitate growth in the
local Linux market place helps us all.

How can we make the process both easier and more professional for job posters?


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