Looking for advice on a NAS

blr at robertsr.us blr at robertsr.us
Thu Jan 18 10:45:45 MST 2007

> I see there are several FLOSS projects out there that let you take
> commodity hardware and create a drop-in NAS (FreeNAS (1), NASLite
> (2), and OpenFiler (3)), but I am not all that impressed with any of
> them.

I don't see any reason to use them, either.

> So, I'm wondering what PLUGgers suggest - should I a) use a
> commercial internet appliance (and if so, what do you recommend) or
> b) build my own box and slap a NAS project like one of the
> aforementioned projects on it - and again, if so, what project would
> you use?

I've gone the route of commodity hardware (hp, thinkmate, or polywell
server with hot-plug drives), and my distro of choice.  Then I can easily
choose which filesystem to use.  That could be important depending on what
your data looks like.

I also like to know how I'm going to get security and bug updates, so I
like having CentOS or debian on the box.

My $.02
Barry Roberts

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