Looking to hire a PERL guru

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Thu Jan 18 10:11:40 MST 2007

> I do not want to provide more fuel to this thread - but I do have one
> final
> observation.  I have worked with many of the finest Perl programmers
> the
> valley (based on anecdotal observation they are superior to most of
> contributors to CPAN).  Those that I would consider the best of the
> in
> terms of the value they produce, the quality of code they produce, and
> level of contribution back to the community do not even know that it
> wrong
> to say PERL instead of Perl instead of perl instead of p3r1.  It is a
> non-issue for them.  There are plenty of programmers who are competent
> have a thorough understanding of the language - but the best ones
"that I
> have seen" (no threads about quotes please) and that I would hire
(were I
> in
> a position to hire) tend to ignore the popular culture and popular
> movements
> and scratch their itches by producting fine software like all good
> source advocates (who are programmers) should.  (I am in no way
> insinuating
> that those who follow the popular movements don't also produce fine
> software)

Not that I consider myself one of the aforementioned, I can say that
I've programmed Perl for over 7 years and this thread is the first time
I've even heard it mentioned that there was a proper capitalization for
the word Perl.  It reminds me a bit about people who get all offended if
you pronounce Linux differently than them.  Linus doesn't care how you
pronounce it, and he pronounces it with a thick accent, so it sounds
like Leenus, so we're all wrong anyway :)

Just my $0.02.  I do agree with Paul in saying that were I in a position
to hire, and someone was all stuck on how I capitalized Perl, I wouldn't
hire them, no matter how good they were.  You just can't work with that
kind of personality very well.


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