Increased Job Postings?

Steve smorrey at
Thu Jan 18 08:28:05 MST 2007

On 1/18/07, Wade Preston Shearer <lists at> wrote:
> > The SLLUG runs a moderated list to make it easier for companies to
> > post jobs. Do you all think it would be worth our time to create a
> > similar list for Utah county?
> I am very much in favor of a moderated list. UPHPU runs one and
> requires the postings to contain certain information before they will
> be posted. It significantly helps users know if looking into the
> position is worth their time.
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Personally I'm against using a seperate moderated list for Job
postings.  I think it would significantly reduce the number of job
postings coming through, even if it did up the quality a little.  To
be honest, most employers look at a list like PLUG as more of an after
thought (Hey we've got a job and it's usin teh intarwebz lets git us
some of dem talent Linux folks over on teh plug list)
And if you raise the bar you're going to stop what may be very
interesting jobs from coming through and doing so based solely on the
writing skills of the person relaying the job info, who may or may not
be the person actually looking for someone to fill the slot.


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