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Subject: [sllug-jobs-announce]: Exciting NOC/Systems Engineer/Manager Position
(heavy Linux) in Sandy, Utah
From:    "Deborah McGraw" <djmcgraw at sbcglobal.net>
Date:    Wed, January 17, 2007 12:42
To:      sllug-jobs-announce at sllug.org

  My name is Deborah McGraw and I'm recruiting/consulting for a well funded wireless
"start up" in Sandy, Utah working on a new location-based network.

  The company is around 40 people, mostly engineers working on the first version of
the network to be rolled out later this year.  This position is to be the manager
of the network operations group (and first person in that group).  Initially, the
NOC Engineer/Manager will have to do all the work (with the help of the engineers
of course) and the group will grow with the company accordingly.

  They need to set up a colo with servers and networking equipment to support the
new wireless tag location network.  It will be all Linux and mostly open source
based with Oracle 10g thrown in.  They are considering using VMware ESX servers to
maximize the hardware utlilization. It is a chance to build everything from
scratch the right way.

  Feel free to send me your resume:  Deborah McGraw - djmcgraw at sbcglobal.net and I
will forward it to the VP of S/W and send you the URL and VP's name.


  djmcgraw at sbcglobal.net
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