Looking to hire a PERL guru

Jesse Stay jesse at thestays.org
Wed Jan 17 23:15:57 MST 2007

On 1/17/07, Paul Seamons <paul at seamons.com> wrote:
> So you know, I wasn't talking about me.  I would take seasoned veterans to be
> the likes of Randall, or Larry, or Damian, or Allison, or Leo, or Chip, or
> Patrick, or anybody on the Perl Foundation Board, or perrin, or chromatic, or
> MJD, or so on or so on.  They are the seasoned veterans.  I have programmed
> Perl for awhile - but they are seasoned veterans.
> I apologize for giving offense.  None was pointed directly at you
> intentionally - but some found you nonetheless.  I am sorry.

Thanks Paul for the clarification.  I too would never put myself in a
class anywhere near those listed above.  In fact (and obviously), I
would put you closer to them than I.  No need to apologize with that

> I didn't have time to down moderate my previous email after I left work.  The
> tone of my email reflects my frustration at the frequency and the emphasis
> that many in the active online Perl sub communities tend to place upon such
> an trivial issue.  This thread has gone on far too long - because of my rant
> against the practice.

I agree - I wasn't intending to fuel any flames either.  I personally
(as stated) don't care either way.  My main point was to help another
employer know that it was an issue with some people.  I too think it's
silly, and in some ways hurts the community more than it helps.

> Again I apologize, Jesse, for the received offense.

It's no problem.  Having worked with you before, I know you are a fine
person.  I would consider yourself as one of those you mention of
being one of the finest programmers in the valley.  It was not my
intention either to argue and I hope you too have not been offended.



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