Looking to hire a PERL guru

Paul Seamons paul at seamons.com
Wed Jan 17 21:59:13 MST 2007

> > I hope you aren't speaking for the seasoned veterans.  Seasoned veterans
> > who don't know how to help somebody who doesn't know better aren't the
> > ones that are good at building a community.
> I take offense at that - I know you have more years experience than I
> but I've been programming Perl long enough to know what I'm talking
> about. 

So you know, I wasn't talking about me.  I would take seasoned veterans to be 
the likes of Randall, or Larry, or Damian, or Allison, or Leo, or Chip, or 
Patrick, or anybody on the Perl Foundation Board, or perrin, or chromatic, or 
MJD, or so on or so on.  They are the seasoned veterans.  I have programmed 
Perl for awhile - but they are seasoned veterans.

I apologize for giving offense.  None was pointed directly at you 
intentionally - but some found you nonetheless.  I am sorry.

I didn't have time to down moderate my previous email after I left work.  The 
tone of my email reflects my frustration at the frequency and the emphasis 
that many in the active online Perl sub communities tend to place upon such 
an trivial issue.  This thread has gone on far too long - because of my rant 
against the practice.

I am still working on increasing my tolerance for people who are intolerant 
(again - not pointing at previous responders to this thread - but at the 
venom supplied in various other threads in other forums on the same topic).

I do not want to provide more fuel to this thread - but I do have one final 
observation.  I have worked with many of the finest Perl programmers in the 
valley (based on anecdotal observation they are superior to most of 
contributors to CPAN).  Those that I would consider the best of the best in 
terms of the value they produce, the quality of code they produce, and the 
level of contribution back to the community do not even know that it is wrong 
to say PERL instead of Perl instead of perl instead of p3r1.  It is a 
non-issue for them.  There are plenty of programmers who are competent and 
have a thorough understanding of the language - but the best ones "that I 
have seen" (no threads about quotes please) and that I would hire (were I in 
a position to hire) tend to ignore the popular culture and popular movements 
and scratch their itches by producting fine software like all good open 
source advocates (who are programmers) should.  (I am in no way insinuating 
that those who follow the popular movements don't also produce fine software) 

Again I apologize, Jesse, for the received offense.


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