Looking to hire a PERL guru

Jesse Stay jesse at thestays.org
Wed Jan 17 16:13:25 MST 2007

On 1/17/07, Paul Seamons <paul at seamons.com> wrote:
> Generally, those that get uptight about it probably are not the ones you want
> to be working with.  Attention to detail is good.  Attention to minutia is
> generally bad.  Be broad in what you accept and strict in what you emit.  Add
> any other applicable cliche here.

Um, I disagree here.  Some of the smartest Perl programmers I know
(Including Randall Schwartz) are known to be picky about it.  The
question becomes, do they know why they are picky about it?  It's
often those that have been programming it for years, have written
about it, have helped evolve the community, etc. that are the most
picky.  If you want those types, I suggest you be picky about PERL vs.
Perl or perl.  Most of the Perl programmers I've met that are picky
about it are only trying to defend the community they have long
programmed in.

If you want to name it how it was originally spelled, you should call
it "Pearl", which Larry Wall named after "Parable of the Pearl".  He
realized before it was launched however that there was already a PEARL
language so he named it "Perl".  It has since been adapted as "Perl"
when referring to the language, and "perl" when referring to the
interpreter.  While PERL has many possible acronyms, most seasoned
veterans won't even consider your posting if you list it as "PERL".
It's a community thing.



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