Looking to hire a PERL guru

Paul Seamons paul at seamons.com
Wed Jan 17 15:33:22 MST 2007

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 2:32 pm, Jesse Stay wrote:
> FYI, you may find better luck if you call it Perl or perl instead of
> PERL.  Perl programmers are picky that way.  You also might want to
> try advertising on jobs.perl.org.

Only some perl programmers are picky about differentiating between when they 
mean Perl the language or perl the code or perl the interpreter.  Most don't 
worry about when others yell the name of their favorite language as in PERL!

Generally, those that get uptight about it probably are not the ones you want 
to be working with.  Attention to detail is good.  Attention to minutia is 
generally bad.  Be broad in what you accept and strict in what you emit.  Add 
any other applicable cliche here.


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