Looking to hire a PERL guru

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 15:26:00 MST 2007

I hope they can find some good people.  Our company has been using
Huddle for the past few months for online presentations and, honestly,
I'm fed up with all the problems it has.  I lost $300 the other week
because the thing wouldn't even work.

It's a cool idea, hopefully some good Perl guys can get on board and
tighten things down.

On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 13:56 -0700, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> A local Provo company is looking to hire someone who knows PERL.  The 
> company is Eli Kirk (http://elikirk.com/).  The develop web sites and also 
> an online presentation tool called Huddle (http://livehuddle.com/).  Let 
> me know if you are interested and I will give you the contact information. 
> Or you can find general contact info on their web site.
> Regards,
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