wireless with AWD154 fails to load and connect

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Jan 17 09:23:23 MST 2007

My question is about setting up and using wireless using an AWD154 PCI card.
This card is plugged into my COMPAQ Deskpro EN, which is running 2.6.8-386
debian 3.1. This card works fine under windows on another machine. 

I have install iwconfig with other wireless tools package, using apt-get. I
have read through yet, clearly have not understood how to properly set up
the machine to enable wireless, in /etc/network/interfaces and elsewhere. 

I have a section for 'wlan0', the name assigned to this wireless card. The
wireless access works for other machines similarly equipped, i.e., a win xp
pro laptop with internal wireless hooks up just fine, consistently, so I
know the AP signal is there and working. 

When I allow the machine to boot with the wlan0 section uncommented out, I
get continual errors, as it hunts for components it needs to run. This
prevents the system from loading or running correctly until I comment out
the wlan0 section in /etc/network/interfaces. 

lspci sees the card,  though comments that is it of unknown make. I have
installed and tried waproamd to get it working, to no avail. 

I am stuck. Anyone know how I might proceed to enable wireless on this


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