questions about mounting a remote folder

Hill, Greg grhill at
Mon Jan 15 16:08:44 MST 2007

>  I'm also a bit reluctant to run mono, but that's probably an
> > unfounded fear.
> Yes.  Unfounded.

But it's .NET!! :)  Okay, I'll have to take your word for it.

> Also not sure I'm keen on the lack of SSH, but it's
> > coming in the next version.
> What is this lack of SSH of which you speak?  The client / server
> communication is over HTTPS.  If you're talking about the encryption
> features planned for the next version, that's different.  That feature
> deals
> with the files being encrypted by the clients so that they are stored
> the
> file server encrypted.  This feature is for end users who do not trust
> person admin'ing the server box.

I must have misread that then.  But all the docs said it's over port 80,
so that seemed to support my misreading.  I guess I need to read more.


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