questions about mounting a remote folder

Bart Whiteley bart.plug at
Mon Jan 15 16:05:26 MST 2007

On 1/15/07, Hill, Greg <grhill at> wrote:
> > On Monday 15 January 2007 12:54 pm, Hill, Greg wrote:
> > > I would like to set up a shared folder on my server that both my
> wife
> > > and her parents can access remotely to send files back and forth.
> >
> >
> > You might want to take a look at
> Any idea how it performs?  As in, how much load does it put on the
> server, both CPU usage and memory.  The server's got a lot of spare
> cycles currently, but I'd still not want to do this if it's a resource
> hog.

The resource usage shouldn't be a problem for your situation.

 I'm also a bit reluctant to run mono, but that's probably an
> unfounded fear.

Yes.  Unfounded.

Also not sure I'm keen on the lack of SSH, but it's
> coming in the next version.

What is this lack of SSH of which you speak?  The client / server
communication is over HTTPS.  If you're talking about the encryption
features planned for the next version, that's different.  That feature deals
with the files being encrypted by the clients so that they are stored on the
file server encrypted.  This feature is for end users who do not trust the
person admin'ing the server box.

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