questions about mounting a remote folder

Hill, Greg grhill at
Mon Jan 15 12:54:30 MST 2007

I would like to set up a shared folder on my server that both my wife
and her parents can access remotely to send files back and forth.
Ideally, it would just be mounted as a folder on their hard drives that
would prompt them for a login and be secure.  They both use OS:X.  Her
parents have a .mac account, but it's been a huge pain for them to use
the remote storage capabilities of that (it gets out of sync and one
can't see the files from the other).  So far, these are the ways I know

1. Create a samba share on the server, and treat it like a windows
share.  How good is that for security?  I would think not very good, but
maybe Samba is more secure than I realize.  Anyway, I'd prefer something
less Windows-esque, which lead me to research #2.

2. sshfs and FUSE.  Apparently they just released a FUSE implementation
for OS:X, so I should be able to use sshfs to mount the folder.   For
those who don't know, sshfs is a FUSE implementation that uses SCP
underneath to transfer files securely.  Only the clients need sshfs, as
the server will just think it's an SCP connection coming in. Technically
ideal, but implementing this will be a huge pain, as her parents live
far away (and I doubt I could explain this to them in an email).


There's gotta be an easier way, right?



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