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Mon Jan 15 11:12:40 MST 2007

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007 at 10:53 -0700, Steve wrote:
> No, you'll not be able to mess with an FM radio and tune AM traffic.
> However AM radios especially if you can find an AM older AM radio, at
> like DI or savers or something, are a deffinite candidate.

That would have been my thought too, but it seems like people do. Here's
a few links to chew on (and hopefully you can explain what's going on):

> Here's what you do.
> The "tuner" in an AM radio is really just a variable capacitor.
> That capacitor is set to be variable within range x to y.
> This setting is or at least used to be, set using little tiny screws
> inside the "tuner"
> These are typically easily accessible.
> Just turn the radio on,
> Tune it to the lowest range it will reach.
> Then insert a screwdriver into one of (note this will be trial and
> error) the little holes in the tuner and turn very, very slowly, until
> you start hearing traffic from the highest end of the spectrum.
> Then turn the dial all the way to the max, and do the same thing
> (probably going to be a different screw this time), until you hear the
> out of band traffic you are looking for.
> I recommend looking for an older AM radio, possibly from the 70s or
> 80s before "digital tuning" was common.  For ease of adjustment I've
> found the older analog clock radios to be the best bet, and those with
> multiband (am/fm/TV) are a sure fire candidate since Air Traffic
> Control operates (or at least it used to operate) just out side the TV
> spectrum and uses AM.
> I hope thats helpful,

Yes, very. I'll probably try the experiment on ye olde alarm clock

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