UVLUG Spring Presentations

Robert Lawrence robertlawrence1281 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 10:49:53 MST 2007

For any of you that are interested in UVLUG presentations this spring,
the UVLUG has gotten it's rooms reserved for this semester. The
meeting times are as follows: All reservations are for room 404 in the
computer science building at UVSC.

Jan 27 2:30-5:00
Feb 17 1:00-5:00
Mar 10 2:30-5:00
Apr 14 2:30-5:00

Topics of the meetings are still being worked on and will be anonunced
on the uvlug announce list. Suggestions/requests are welcome on the
list at uvlug.org mailing list.  It's very possible that the first
meeting will be a simple install fest with food and a movie.

Robert Lawrence
UVLUG President

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