Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!

Erin Sharmahd erins at
Wed Jan 10 10:58:22 MST 2007

> That's the thing though - itunes *is* the iPod.  I cannot connect and
> sync my iPod to anything but iTunes.  Therefore, if I want to download
> a song that is DRM'd to work only on Microsoft products, I cannot play
> or sync it on my iPod.  If I want to play a song that is DRM'd to work
> with the iPod and iTunes, I cannot play or stream it to my Xbox.  If I
> want to sync a song that isn't DRM'd at all, I have to go outside of
> iTunes, have one extra app on my PC, and just one more thing to worry
> about freezing up my machine.

the other option would be to install rockbox ( or
ipodlinux ( to your ipod.  Now, you can mount
your ipod as an external hard drive and just copy your music to the
drive.  The ipod now supports mp3 and ogg, (and probably a few other
formats), and you even have cooler games (like doom) and a better
interface! (rockbox's interface makes much more sense to me than apple's
does... ipodlinux i haven't actually had a chance to play with, but it's
got a shell and a vi-clone, and a couple other things available).

Anyway, there are options to use an ipod without being tied to itunes,
gtkpod, gnupod, etc.  generally, in my experience, they're pretty good,
too!  I've been using rockbox foro a while, and I *really* like it



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