How important is 3.3v?

justin justin at
Wed Jan 10 03:52:22 MST 2007

so i've got some fancy software on one of my computers that makes this
really neat siren noise sometimes. I actually didn't realize was
supposed to do it if the voltage changed, but it just did.

apparently it thinks that receiving 3.62 v on the 3.3 v rail is a "bad thing".

i've had the computer for about a year and a half, it started making
the siren noise a month or so ago. i never really thought about it
before, so i don't know what the voltage used to be. i just assume it
worked right, because it never told me otherwise.

normally i'd just throw a different PSU in the computer and not deal
with it. but this particular box is one of those fancy "don't even
consider upgrading it" computers. small form factor, proprietary power
supply, etc.

so do i pull apart the psu and start tweaking trim pots until i find
one that brings it down to something closer to 3.3v? do i turn the
monitoring software off and risk making a paperweight out of my cpu?

how much does the 3.3v really matter?


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