don't forget nokia (Re: Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!)

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue Jan 9 20:21:41 MST 2007

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Brad Midgley wrote:

>> I am just glad I held off getting a new iPod, Phone, and PDA.
>> Unfortunately, I have to wait until June for them to start the release
>> of the phones.  For now I can only drool.
> in a subtle way it's a real step forward as it will be the first iPod
> with bluetooth. it remains to be seen if it was done right (a2dp) but at
> least it's there.
> this is a linux list! we should be jazzed about nokia's new pda-ish
> thingy, the n800... :) a few people even bought them at compusa before
> they were official. now that's good fun.
> too bad neither one has a high speed cell radio. the nokia has no cell
> radio at all in fact.

That Nokia N800 is pretty nice.  I have always been a big Nokia follower. 
In fact, Nokia is all I have ever owned and I have owned quite a few of 
them.  My most recent dilemma was whether to get the E70 or the E62.  Both 
nice phones.  This N800 looks pretty neat.  However, as much as I have 
tried to persuade Nokia to provide better support for Macs, they still 
leave a lot to be desired.  I want a phone that can sync very well and 
easily with my computer.  Since I switched to being an Apple user last 
year, I have found  what I have been looking for.  Apple makes very well 
though out software and hardware and marries the two perfectly.  Apple may 
not be for everyone, but I sure enjoy this new world I have found. 
Linux/Unix is awesome and it is awesome that Apple realized that as well 
and built OS X on top of Unix.  This was the key selling point for me.  I 
can do all of my Unix stuff, all of my windowed stuff, and now all of my 
phone stuff and it all speaks very nicesly together.


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