don't forget nokia (Re: Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!)

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Tue Jan 9 19:39:52 MST 2007


> I am just glad I held off getting a new iPod, Phone, and PDA.
> Unfortunately, I have to wait until June for them to start the release
> of the phones.  For now I can only drool.

in a subtle way it's a real step forward as it will be the first iPod
with bluetooth. it remains to be seen if it was done right (a2dp) but at
least it's there.

this is a linux list! we should be jazzed about nokia's new pda-ish
thingy, the n800... :) a few people even bought them at compusa before
they were official. now that's good fun.

too bad neither one has a high speed cell radio. the nokia has no cell
radio at all in fact.


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