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Jesse Stay jesse at
Tue Jan 9 15:28:00 MST 2007

On 1/9/07, Jonathan Duncan <jonathan at> wrote:
> The fact that it would take you 3-4 days straight 24/7 of listening to
> music to even get through 4gb of your music probably does not matter to
> you then.  =)
> I also would love to have the device hold all my music, just so that I
> would not need to mess around with it and could keep it all in one place.
> However, you can make any kind of playlist you want in iTunes and just
> sync it to your phone, wirelessly even, so cool.

I've done this before with an iPod Mini.  It worked for my needs, but
it still took more time to constantly manage my playlists to contain
what would fit, and what I wanted to listen to at the time.  It's nice
now with a 40Gb version that I can decide what I want to listen to
right on my iPod.  No more fiddling with playlists!  Not just that,
but I have a whole library of video I can access at the same time!



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