Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!

Jesse Stay jesse at
Tue Jan 9 15:23:46 MST 2007

On 1/9/07, Hill, Greg <grhill at> wrote:
> It isn't meant to replace the iPod.  It can connect to an iPod and play
> songs off it if you want.  It's mainly meant to be a pocket pc/phone,
> but one that works well with all of the other apple products (it says it
> also syncs with PCs, which is nice for me).  Not sure where all the DRM
> comments are coming from, that's iTunes, not iPod or iPhone.  I still
> can't believe people buy stuff from iTunes; talk about a crippled and
> overpriced product.  And I'm even more baffled by your Xbox comments...
> why do you want to connect an mp3 player or a phone to an Xbox?  I must
> be missing something here.

That's the thing though - itunes *is* the iPod.  I cannot connect and
sync my iPod to anything but iTunes.  Therefore, if I want to download
a song that is DRM'd to work only on Microsoft products, I cannot play
or sync it on my iPod.  If I want to play a song that is DRM'd to work
with the iPod and iTunes, I cannot play or stream it to my Xbox.  If I
want to sync a song that isn't DRM'd at all, I have to go outside of
iTunes, have one extra app on my PC, and just one more thing to worry
about freezing up my machine.

The Xbox is no longer just a gaming machine - it was doing what Apple
TV was doing long before Apple, and it does full 1080i graphics as
well.  Granted, you have to have a Windows Media Center or Vista
machine to do it, but Xbox allows you to stream music, videos, and
even TV signals, all in full 1080i HD to any TV connected to the Xbox.
 I am unable to do this with iTunes-downloaded songs and movies though
because of the DRM Apple imposes.  I *could* buy the iTV, but iTV just
doesn't do everything my Xbox does.  So, at the moment, thanks to
Microsoft, I am stuck with items that support the Microsoft DRM.
This, therefore rules out using a Linux machine as a Media Center, as
Xbox will not sync with Linux at the moment, so I have to run iTunes
on the Windows machine and sync with that, which is very inconvenient.
 Microsoft is very clever (yet, they're coming out with some pretty
cool technology too - as much as we like to bash them, we have to
admit).  Apple is too - they're both playing the same game right now
though, unfortunately.  :-)

Now, I am willing to work around the DRM and use things like Fairplay
to get things in the right format to stream to my Xbox, *if* the phone
provided more space.  It is a really cool device!  However, I'm an
all-in-one device type of guy that I'd rather have one device in my
pocket at a time so I'll just wait for now and see who comes out on

Microsoft is set to launch IP TV, so maybe Zune will eventually do
what the iPhone does, with ipTV service to boot.  Time will tell...



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