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Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue Jan 9 15:07:50 MST 2007

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Louis Zirkel wrote:

> Jesse Stay wrote:
>> On 1/9/07, Jonathan Duncan <jonathan at> wrote:
>> Nah - I'm holding out until they either a) release a 40Gb version like
>> my ipod, b) release a DRM-free version or version that is compatible
>> with my Xbox, or c) the Zune comes out with a phone version with above
>> features.  Don't get me wrong - the UI is friggin' sweet, but it still
>> doesn't hold all my songs!  I also really need something that I can
>> stream to my Xbox rather than having to run Fairplay on everything
>> beforehand.  Microsoft still keeps trying to drag me in - darn them!
>> I hate DRM!
> How does the Zune do DRM any better then?  Maybe I missed something but
> my understanding was that in many ways the Zune DRM was even *more*
> restrictive than fairplay.  I've not looked at it that closely so I may
> have misunderstood or been misinformed.  And my 40GB iPod still doesn't
> hold all of my music.

I have never really run into a problem with DRM (that I could not get 
around quickly) so I do not really understand the problem.  What are you 
doing that makes DRM such a hassel?


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