Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!

Hill, Greg grhill at
Tue Jan 9 14:50:00 MST 2007

It isn't meant to replace the iPod.  It can connect to an iPod and play
songs off it if you want.  It's mainly meant to be a pocket pc/phone,
but one that works well with all of the other apple products (it says it
also syncs with PCs, which is nice for me).  Not sure where all the DRM
comments are coming from, that's iTunes, not iPod or iPhone.  I still
can't believe people buy stuff from iTunes; talk about a crippled and
overpriced product.  And I'm even more baffled by your Xbox comments...
why do you want to connect an mp3 player or a phone to an Xbox?  I must
be missing something here.


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> On 1/9/07, Jonathan Duncan <jonathan at> wrote:
> > I am just glad I held off getting a new iPod, Phone, and PDA.
> > Unfortunately, I have to wait until June for them to start the
> of
> > the phones.  For now I can only drool.
> Nah - I'm holding out until they either a) release a 40Gb version like
> my ipod, b) release a DRM-free version or version that is compatible
> with my Xbox, or c) the Zune comes out with a phone version with above
> features.  Don't get me wrong - the UI is friggin' sweet, but it still
> doesn't hold all my songs!  I also really need something that I can
> stream to my Xbox rather than having to run Fairplay on everything
> beforehand.  Microsoft still keeps trying to drag me in - darn them!
> I hate DRM!
> Jesse
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