Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue Jan 9 13:59:35 MST 2007

I am just glad I held off getting a new iPod, Phone, and PDA. 
Unfortunately, I have to wait until June for them to start the release of 
the phones.  For now I can only drool.


On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Hill, Greg wrote:

> I have to admit, I had absolutely no anticipation for the iPhone, but
> man does it look sweet.  I might have to switch to Cingular when my
> current contract expires.  That would be my first Apple product; my wife
> will never let me live it down (she's an Apple fan).
> Greg
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>> Apple Computers, Inc. is no more!
>> Sorry, just had to share.
>> Jonathan

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