Sun Java on Linux Setup for Stud Muffins

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Jan 8 20:43:44 MST 2007

On 1/8/07, Charles Curley <charlescurley at> wrote:
> That's uber, with an umlaut.
> Misspellings are decidedly not cool.

Nonsense, misspellings are "kewl".

> And oh, so tactful.

Thank you.  Thank you.

> If your disty has alternatives, you should run it to get the internal
> setup to play correctly with the new java. For example, I have the
> jpackage version of tomcat, but it picks up java 1.5 for compiling
> JSPs, so I can use enums in them. See
> Of course Edgy Eft users can simply follow those instructions and
> belay all the pseudo-macho uber-cool stuff.

Until you're working with a distro or *nix that doesn't support
alternatives.  I should have prefixed my post with that.  I don't have
the luxury of always using the same distro.  I use Ubuntu on my
laptop.  SLES 9 for most work machines.  Some CentOS4/RHEL4 and even a
few Red Hat 8 & 9 boxen.  No to mention, using Solaris 8 and 10 and a
bit of AIX (though this post doesn't apply to AIX).

My instructions will work no matter what distro you run, and no matter
how screwed up your distro package maintainers are.  And if you'll
notice, the Edgy Eft version of the sun java package is 1.5.  This is
a big complaint I have about jpackage.  They seem to stay a full
version behind the state of the art.

If you want to be kewl, follow my instructions.

And...  You misspelled ubber...  lawl!


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