Sun Java on Linux Setup for Stud Muffins

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Jan 8 17:04:11 MST 2007

After dealing with the same type of questions about installing Java on
Linux, I've decided to post instructions on how to do it the ubber
cool way (aka the way I do it).  The way I do it is heavy handed and
flies in the face of traditional package management on your distro of
choice, but nonetheless it is the most bull crap free way of getting
Java running quickly and correctly.

If you disagree with the way I set things up then just remember, you
and wrong, and I am right.  Now, with no further ado, here are the

1) Download the Sun JDK from
  - You want JDK 6
  - If your distro uses RPM, then download the RPM version.
  - Otherwise, get the self-extracting version.

2) Become root

3) Run:  sh jdk-6-linux*
  - Answer "yes" to the license agreement
  - An RPM will be installed, or the file will be unzipped (depending
on which download you got)

3b) If you didn't get the RPM version, then execute:  mkdir /usr/java
&& mv jdk1.6.0 /usr/java

4) Override the bull crap GNU gij version of java that came with your distro.
  - Append the following lines to your ~/.bash_profile file (or
/etc/profile, or /etc/profile.d/):
  export JDK_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0
  export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
  - Save the file
  - Restart your desktop environment (if applicable), or logout and
login to a new shell.

5) Open a new console and execute: java -version
  - It should say:  java version "1.6.0"

6) w00t!

-=-=-=-=- Installing Tomcat -=-=-=-=-

1) Download tomcat from
  - Get the tar.gz version

2) Run:  tar zxf apache-tomcat-5.5*

3) Become root.

4) Get tomcat in /opt (or you could do /usr/local):
  - mv apache-tomcat-5.5*/ /opt
  - cd /opt
  - ln -s apache-tomcat-5.5* tomcat

5) Start tomcat
  - Run: /opt/tomcat/bin/
  - Startup your favorite browser and browse to http://localhost:8080/

6) w00t!

-=-=-=-=- Installing Ant -=-=-=-=-

You may not care about ant, but many java-based OSS projects use ant
as their build tool.

1) Download ant from
  - Download the tar.bz2 version

2) Run:  tar jxf apache-ant*

3) Become root.

4) Get ant in /opt (or /usr/local)
  - mv apache-ant*/ /opt
  - cd /opt
  - ln -s apache-ant* ant

5) Append the following lines in your ~/.bash_profile
  export ANT_HOME=/opt/ant
  export PATH=$ANT_HOME/bin:$PATH

6) Restart your desktop or re-login to your shell respectively
  - Run:  ant -version
  - Should print:  Apache Ant version 1.7.0 ...

7) w00t!

You're welcome,

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