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Mon Jan 8 10:58:18 MST 2007

Take a look at CPMake.  (  I wrote it to do exactly what 
you are asking for.  The site is a bit old.  I've added a slick way to 
abstract the compilers for each platform you compile on that is not in 
the documentation.

A quick overview:  CPMake is written in java and runs on JRE 1.4 or 
later.  Java creates a great abstraction that makes compiling, copying 
files and running unit tests a snap.  I've written build scripts for 
Java, C#, C++ and just about anything else that has dependencies for 
Linux, Mac, Windows.

If you have any questions I'll be glad to help.  Just email me off the list.


Dave Smith wrote:
> Bryan Petty wrote:
>> On 1/5/07, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
>>> I just noticed that KDE uses CMake to do builds. At my company we've
>>> been looking for a decent alternative to make. Would anyone with
>>> experience with CMake care to comment on its quality?
>> Depends on if you care about cross-platform development or not.
>> CMake and Scons are both radically different approaches to
>> cross-platform build systems, and there's also the Bakefile [1] route
>> that the wxWidgets project uses to generate makefile, Visual Studio
>> project files, Borland, and other IDE project files so all target
>> platforms have a single build configuration file with all options. I
>> hear CMake can work close to the same, though I've never used it.
>> If you aren't working in a cross-platform environment, I don't really
>> think CMake is necessary, I'd look closer into using Scons as I think
>> it would provide a much easier to use build system for single platform
>> use.
> We do lots of cross-platform and cross-compiled builds. We like to 
> have one source code checkout were we can build on Solaris, Linux, 
> Windows, and cross-compile on Linux/x86 for Linux/PowerPC and 
> Linux/MIPS. We've cooked up lots of make-based hacks to accommodate 
> us, but it's just no fun that way. I really like Qt's approach with a 
> .pro file that qmake uses to generate a Makefile (or equivalent on 
> other platforms), and I've even done a bit of cross-compiling that way 
> too, but I don't think Qt is the right answer for all projects.
> --Dave
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