HDTV Antenna

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Sun Jan 7 15:21:19 MST 2007

Since many of you obviously know much more about this than I do,
something that seems weird to me just happened, and I'm wondering if
there's a rational explanation.

Yesterday I hung up my antenna and aimed it roughly where antennaweb.org
said to.  It had been lying on the floor of my attic, but I raised it up
as high as it would go and mounted on a truss.

Now analog reception is VASTLY improved, and ATSC looks great EXCEPT
both KSL stations (KSL-HD and KSL WeatherPlus) signal is virtually gone.
It looks like several stations come from exactly the same spot, so I'm
wondering how I could be getting KTVX-HD and KUTV-DT perfectly and not
KSL, especially if they are all coming from the same transmitter.  Any
ideas, or anyone able to clear up my misconceptions?

Barry Roberts

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