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Sun Jan 7 14:09:30 MST 2007

On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Brandon Beattie wrote:
> One more thing to be aware of, in Utah HD channels run from 27-48.
> Channels 27-48 are UHF channels.  I've heard some rumors from KSL that
> by the end of this year they will stop their NTSC transmission on their
> UHF channel and only broadcast ATSC/HD on channel 5 which is VHF.

According to a friend who oversaw the construction of the DTV-Utah
facility on Farnsworth peak, with the exception of KSTU, all existing
ATSC "channels" will remain on their currently-assigned UHF
frequencies in perpetuity.  At one time, local TV stations were given
an option either to keep their ATSC transmissions on UHF or to move
their ATSC transmissions to VHF after the NTSC cutoff, but that option
expired a year or so ago.  In other words, once the stations decided
what they were going to do with their ATSC transmissions (stay on UHF
or move ATSC over to their previously-assigned NTSC/VHF channel), and
once a certain government-mandated deadline had passed, TV stations
were stuck with their choice.

So go ahead and invest in your UHF ATSC antennas; they'll be good for
all existing ATSC channels except KSTU.  (In retrospect, it was not
the brightest decision on the part of KSTU to move ATSC down to 13,
because they will be the only "big" HD station along the Wasatch front
for which viewers will require a VHF antenna.


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