Dave Smith dave at
Fri Jan 5 18:14:38 MST 2007

Bryan Petty wrote:
> On 1/5/07, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
>> I just noticed that KDE uses CMake to do builds. At my company we've
>> been looking for a decent alternative to make. Would anyone with
>> experience with CMake care to comment on its quality?
> Depends on if you care about cross-platform development or not.
> CMake and Scons are both radically different approaches to
> cross-platform build systems, and there's also the Bakefile [1] route
> that the wxWidgets project uses to generate makefile, Visual Studio
> project files, Borland, and other IDE project files so all target
> platforms have a single build configuration file with all options. I
> hear CMake can work close to the same, though I've never used it.
> If you aren't working in a cross-platform environment, I don't really
> think CMake is necessary, I'd look closer into using Scons as I think
> it would provide a much easier to use build system for single platform
> use.

We do lots of cross-platform and cross-compiled builds. We like to have 
one source code checkout were we can build on Solaris, Linux, Windows, 
and cross-compile on Linux/x86 for Linux/PowerPC and Linux/MIPS. We've 
cooked up lots of make-based hacks to accommodate us, but it's just no 
fun that way. I really like Qt's approach with a .pro file that qmake 
uses to generate a Makefile (or equivalent on other platforms), and I've 
even done a bit of cross-compiling that way too, but I don't think Qt is 
the right answer for all projects.


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