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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Wed Jan 3 22:36:59 MST 2007

Jordan S. Jones wrote:
> I know this subject has been discussed a number of times, but either my
> searching skills suck or what I am looking for hasn't been asked before.
> My parents have the Arescom NetDSL800 with the MSN/Qwest DSL. This
> christmas I bought them a Tivo and was looking to attach it to their
> home network. This is great until I discovered that their DSL modem
> doesn't allow more than 1 computer to be attached at 1 time. Meaning,
> their DHCP pool has exactly the range of So, I am
> looking for the following solutions.
> Short Term: A Utah county company that sells DSL filters so that their
> new Tivo can communicate over the phone line.
> Long Term: A new DSL modem that will allow for more computers, or any
> alternate solution with the same result.

I've got a Zoom DSL modem that is just sitting waiting for someone to come
and get it. I could probably let it go for $25 or so.

I bought it to evaluate it as an alternative to Actiontec and Cisco modems.
While it does NAT very nicely and has lots of cool features, it will not
route for a public subnet like a Cisco or Actiontec will. In your case, it's
perfect. In my case, not so much.

I think I've got some filters too.

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