redhat, php, and exec

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Wed Jan 3 16:41:51 MST 2007

On 1/3/07, Kyle Waters <unum at> wrote:
>     I have a php script which uses exec.  When I run it from the command
> line as the apache user it works.  when I try to run it through the web
> server it doesn't.  No errors or anything not even in the logs.  I'm
> using rhel 4 and php 4.3.9
> Can anyone tell me what's wrong or how to debug this?

Are you outputting all the available information exec returns?:

$output = exec($cmd, $status);
echo("Cmd: $cmd<br />\n");	
echo("output: $output<br />\n");
echo("Status: ");


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