Garmin GPS 18 with gpsd, dgpsip and googleearth

Jason Holt jason at
Tue Jan 2 21:52:31 MST 2007

Whew.  Okay, here's how I got a Garmin USB gps 18 (next time buy the serial 
version!) to work with internet-based dgps correction and google earth:

Plug in GPS unit

dmesg reports garmin_gps module installed and outputting to /dev/ttyUSB0

gpsd -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -d

Run xgps and wait for a fix (make sure unit is located near a window so it can 
see the satellites)

Let gpsd translate garmin binary format to nmea:
echo rw|netcat localhost 2947 >/tmp/gps.dump

Convert to .kml for google earth:
gpsbabel -T -i nmea -f /tmp/gps.dump -o kml -F /tmp/ge.kml

Next up will be to figure out how to get all that to happen continuously.  I 
have google earth plus (which supports gps directly), but it doesn't seem to 
want to talk to the garmin directly.


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