Qworst DSL Modem

Joe Crown joecr at linuxmail.org
Tue Jan 2 20:01:41 MST 2007

The DSL Modem/router has a pool of 2 IP addresses.  It is a 192.168.*.* 
address range.  The stupid piece of crap has been super-netted to use for the subnet mask IIRC.

I remember my neighbor has one.  He found a firmware update to make it 
configurable.  You just need to find that firmware & a jumper then you 
can flash the worthless firmware they ship with it.  Don't ask me where 
to get it because I don't have a copy, & my neighbor moved so I don't 
know if I could find it again.  I think he found the upgraded firmware 
using google.

Michael L Torrie wrote:

> Maybe I'm a little dense, but isn't this the situation that routers are
> meant to remedy?  The router can NAT as many machines as you'd like onto
> the one ip address the DSL modem provides.  In fact there are routers
> that combine the DSL modem with the router stuff.


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