HDTV Antenna

Brandon Beattie brandon+plug at beatties.us
Tue Jan 2 15:46:18 MST 2007

One more thing to be aware of, in Utah HD channels run from 27-48.
Channels 27-48 are UHF channels.  I've heard some rumors from KSL that
by the end of this year they will stop their NTSC transmission on their
UHF channel and only broadcast ATSC/HD on channel 5 which is VHF.  The
FCC has talked about taking control of VHF stations and reselling it for
other purposes than TV.  With all this information I'm not sure what is
going to happen and this information is a half year or more old.  If
anyone has some updates let us know.  I'd just hate to see someone spend
$80 on a great UHF only antenna when some stations may go back to using
their VHF channels.  The Channel Master 4228 8-Bay is my choice for UHF only
but if channels do move back to VHF the Winegard PR-8800 or
AntennasDirect XG91 yagi would be what I'd get.


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