Qworst DSL Modem

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Tue Jan 2 14:43:56 MST 2007

On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Jordan S. Jones wrote:

> I know this subject has been discussed a number of times, but either my 
> searching skills suck or what I am looking for hasn't been asked before. My 
> parents have the Arescom NetDSL800 with the MSN/Qwest DSL. This christmas I 
> bought them a Tivo and was looking to attach it to their home network. This 
> is great until I discovered that their DSL modem doesn't allow more than 1 
> computer to be attached at 1 time. Meaning, their DHCP pool has exactly the 
> range of So, I am looking for the following solutions.
> Short Term: A Utah county company that sells DSL filters so that their new 
> Tivo can communicate over the phone line.
> Long Term: A new DSL modem that will allow for more computers, or any 
> alternate solution with the same result.

I imagine that any number of members here have a handful of DSL filters 
(including myself) that you could have.

I have the Qwest DSL modem that you mentioned.  I do not use it for 
routing though.  I have a NetGear router attached to it that does all the 
routing for all my many network devices.  Works great.

Actually, I recently had to pull the router off and while it is off I have 
put a plain switch in place of it.  The Arescom modem is still handing out 
plenty of IP's for all my devices.  I have not changed the DHCP defaults. 
Yours should be able to handle what you want.


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