Qworst DSL Modem

Jordan S. Jones jordan at racistnames.com
Tue Jan 2 14:21:24 MST 2007

Hill, Greg wrote:
> Are you sure it isn't configurable?  Most routers have a web interface
> if you point your browser at their IP address (usually, in
> my experience).  It might just have its IP range locked down, or have
> the dhcp server turned off.  I lock down my IP range out of paranoia
> (I've seen computers not on my network show up as having an IP address
> from the dhcp server in the past, not sure how that's possible - it's a
> wired network and firewalled at the router).
> Maybe I missed someone discussing this previously in the thread.  If so,
> my apologies.
> Greg
Yes, I am sure. The web interface does bring up a status screen, however 
nothing on the page is configurable.  In the manufacturer's MSN FAQ [1], 
they mention that the unit isn't configurable.

Jordan S. Jones

[1] http://www.arescom.com/Arescom/Arescom_2002/Other/MSNfaq.cfm#q5

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