Qworst DSL Modem

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Tue Jan 2 13:25:34 MST 2007

> You've read it right. It's a router that refuses to route for more
> one IP address. The logic underlying that decision completely escapes
> me. Perhaps it's because it's so clean, perfectly uncontaminated by
> cheese.

Are you sure it isn't configurable?  Most routers have a web interface
if you point your browser at their IP address (usually, in
my experience).  It might just have its IP range locked down, or have
the dhcp server turned off.  I lock down my IP range out of paranoia
(I've seen computers not on my network show up as having an IP address
from the dhcp server in the past, not sure how that's possible - it's a
wired network and firewalled at the router).

Maybe I missed someone discussing this previously in the thread.  If so,
my apologies.


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