Qworst DSL Modem

Bart Whiteley bart.plug at whiteley.org
Tue Jan 2 11:48:06 MST 2007

On 1/2/07, Jordan S. Jones <jordan at racistnames.com> wrote:
> Short Term: A Utah county company that sells DSL filters so that their
> new Tivo can communicate over the phone line.

I'll give you a DSL filter for free.  I have a bunch from my pre-FTTH days.

Long Term: A new DSL modem that will allow for more computers, or any
> alternate solution with the same result.

You just need a cheap "broadband router" to sit between the Arescom and the
computers/TiVo.  The Arescom modems work well.  No need to replace it unless
a Cisco 678 is cheaper than a broadband router.

You may also be able to reconfigure the Arescom modem to have a larger DHCP
pool.  I have some software that allows you to reconfigure them (usually
only available to the ISPs shipping out the modems pre-configured).

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