HDTV Antenna

Jeff Nyman Jeff.Nyman at caselle.com
Tue Jan 2 08:50:09 MST 2007

Does anyone know what the HD reception would be like in the Paysonb area?
I have a computer I could set up as a MythTV box and I'd like to get an
HD card for it if the OTA HD channels could be picked up in Payson. I
have a Sanyo widescreen HD projector so I thought this would kick the 
crap out of my regular reception. ( I have no cable or sat.)

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Chris Carey wrote:
> What antenna do you use? I'm looking to buy a HDTV antenna

FWIW, my HDTV Wonder came with an indoor antenna similar to the ZHDTV1:


It picks up around 20 digital channels in the area, from 27 miles away
(according to antennaweb), with great clarity most of the time.  Notable
exceptions are channels 2.1, 4.1-4.3, and 13.1; channel 30.1 also has
some troubles, which is a problem for recording Star Trek.  I'm planning
to install an outdoor antenna to fix those holes.


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