Resizing ntfs partition

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Feb 28 12:54:28 MST 2007

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Levi Pearson wrote:

> "Andrew Jorgensen" <andrew.jorgensen at> writes:
>> Ah, let me correct myself before someone else has to: recent versions
>> of ntfsresize will relocate your data for you.  No need to defragment
>> first (especially since windows defrag doesn't move files to the front
>> of the drive anyway).
> Also, because defrag is running while the drive is mounted and the OS
> is using it, some blocks are marked as unmovable because they belong
> to files that are currently opened by the OS.  An offline,
> memory-resident defrag would be necessary to completely shift the
> drive's contents.

Such as "Partition Magic"?  Amazing application.

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