MUD programming

Levi Pearson levi at
Tue Feb 27 19:21:46 MST 2007

"Daniel C." <dcrookston at> writes:
> Thanks to Levi on the other thread, I've started thinking about MUD
> programming again.
> Anyone have a suggestion for what language to write it in?  "Weird"
> languages (Lisp, Erlang, OCaml) get bonus points, as there are already
> MUDs written in boring languages like C.

Here's one I doubt anyone else will mention: E.  Look for it at, which contains a great deal of information about why E is
cool.  It was initially designed to implement a MUD-like system, so
it's definitely worth giving serious consideration.

Also, there is a language called Termite that is built upon Gambit
Scheme.  It essentially adds the Erlang model of communicating
sequential processes to Scheme.  There's a similar system (though with
heavier-weight concurrency) built on Common Lisp called ErLisp.

Erlang would be an interesting choice as well, but I'm not sure that
it's quite as well suited as some other languages.  A MUD is
essentially a simulation, and simulations tend to be very stateful.
Mostly-pure functional languages like Erlang can be awkward with
state-handling, but there may well be a fairly natural way of doing
simulations with it.  It does have a cool database system called
Mnesia that might come in handy, especially if you do a distributed

I think Smalltalk would be a good fit too, since it's very suited to
object oriented simulations.  Simulations were the birthplace of
object-oriented programming, and object oriented modeling really seems
to fit simulation well.

Any of the above would be quite interesting, in my opinion; take a
look at them and let me know if you think so, too.


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