Going Stackless?

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Tue Feb 27 19:07:44 MST 2007

Steve <smorrey at gmail.com> writes:
> FYI I've read every line of code that makes up Lua,  I've even gone so
> far as to step through the entire engine line by line in a debugger.
> In fact thats what has me started down this path.  I read it, but I
> don't understand some of the design decisions, I want to figure out
> why certain things were done the way they were.
> I figure there is no better way than to make my very own.

I wholeheartedly agree; I would, in fact, encourage you to play around
with making toy languages to figure out how they work.  I was under
the impression, though, that you had practical goals to achieve with
this project, in which case a toy language is probably not going to
work as well as one that's been tested in the real world for a while.
Lua is an especially good choice because it's used a lot in game
programming, and if you want your MUD to be cool, you'll probably want
to attract some extra programmers to it.  It's a LOT easier if they
already know the language.


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