Resizing ntfs partition

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Mon Feb 26 23:08:17 MST 2007

On 2/26/07, Kelly Terry <ksterry at> wrote:
> > > Just curious, how does "no important data to back up - just the
> > > windows install with drivers and very little software." consume
> > > nearly 55GB ?
> >
> > Okay, so you did say he's only using about 5GB (my reading
> > incomprehension there), but it still makes me wonder why after the
> > defrag you don't see a full 70GB hunk of space at the end...
> >
> The defrag left a portion of the disk used somewhere in the middle.  I
> don't know why it left that data unmoved but I at least have 20 gig at
> the end.  Thanks for the link.  I just d'loaded gparted and will give
> it a try.

I'm likely too late to respond... hope everything went well.

5GB is a small amount to copy to an external USB drive, unless the
laptop does not have USB 2.0.  If lacking USB 2.0 I'd put the drive in
a desktop via an IDE connector or in another laptop with/USB 2.0 and
then boot 'knoppix 2' using partimage to copy the ntfs partition.

Don't forget to copy the MBR off the previous system as well -
although that's pretty easy to fix if you do forget, should things go

It's worth noting that while 5GB is not a lot of data it can take an
extraordinary amount of your time to rebuild a system if it gets
screwed up.  I've had good & bad experiences with gparted.  Backup the
data first & save yourself some potential pain.  160GB external USB
2.0 drives(the small 2.5" ones) are $130 at Costco.

Re: the unmovable files, one large one is likely the paging file.  Use
the following to defrag upon reboot so it's not open for exclusive

If your buddy ever wants to sell his laptop or revert to a point in
time before you put Linux on it, it might be nice to have a backup of
it with original(or close to original) software/drivers.

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