Resizing ntfs partition

Kelly Terry ksterry at
Mon Feb 26 15:51:21 MST 2007

I was going to install Fedora on a friends computer.  He has windows xp 
pro installed so I defragmented the drive.  He's using only about 5 gb 
of a 75 gb hard drive.  The graphic showed a lot  (at least 20gb) of 
unused space at the end of the drive after defragmenting.  If I use the 
tool that comes with mandriva for shrinking the ntfs partition by 10 gb 
to install linux will that render the windows ntfs partition unusable?  
I've done this with fat 32 file systems with no problem many times 
before but never on an ntfs partition.  There's really no important 
data to back up - just the windows install with drivers and very little 
software.  Still my friend is nervous and doesn't want to risk a 
windows reinstall.
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