g4u g4l comparison

Brian Hawkins brianhks at activeclickweb.com
Mon Feb 26 14:50:46 MST 2007

The download is bootable ISO that you can burn.  I think it boots up a 
stripped down version of debian.  Anyway it presents a unix friendly 
prompt that you can type help on.  The cool part is that imaging can be 
done to a network server.  I think there are several options but I used 
an ftp server.  It just grabs partitions off the disks and sends them to 
a file on the ftp server.  It is also OS agnostic so you can image just 
about any drive.  It will also gzip the file as it goes for saving space.

The only real issue with it is that it may not recognize your hardware.  
I had one machine that had onboard nic's that it didn't recognize so I 
had to install a 3com I had laying around in order to pull off the image.

Good software.


Daniel wrote:
> I have heard a little about g4u and g4l, but I don't know which would
> be better.  I want to "ghost" a drive and be able to either burn a
> compressed image onto a DVD or send it to an sftp server.  I want to
> image disks with Windows, OSX, Netware, Linux, etc OSs on them or a
> combination of OSs.
> Neither g4u nor g4l show up in the repositories for Ubuntu 6 nor
> Fedora 4.  I can download and try to install the software from the
> native sites, but if something doesn't work, I won't be sure if I did
> it wrong or if I need to download something else.
> Is there a better disk imaging solution than either of these?  More
> user friendly?  How does partimage compare to these?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Daniel
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