g4u g4l comparison

Daniel teletautala at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 13:02:23 MST 2007

I have heard a little about g4u and g4l, but I don't know which would
be better.  I want to "ghost" a drive and be able to either burn a
compressed image onto a DVD or send it to an sftp server.  I want to
image disks with Windows, OSX, Netware, Linux, etc OSs on them or a
combination of OSs.

Neither g4u nor g4l show up in the repositories for Ubuntu 6 nor
Fedora 4.  I can download and try to install the software from the
native sites, but if something doesn't work, I won't be sure if I did
it wrong or if I need to download something else.

Is there a better disk imaging solution than either of these?  More
user friendly?  How does partimage compare to these?

Thanks in advance,

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