Home Automation

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Fri Feb 23 10:49:31 MST 2007

Brandon Beattie wrote:
> Insteon though takes it a few steps further and repeats and acknowledges
> signals and you must program a switch to listen to a specific switch in
> order for you to remotely turn it on or off.  Zigby is even more secure
> than Insteon in that you're not allowed to "join" the automation group
> unless you allow it to (this is what I remember but I can't promise it's
> right)

FWIW, I see that Zigbee is taking off now.  I just found a Freescale 
chip at Mouser.com that integrates both a microcontroller and a Zigbee 
module for $5 each in quantity.  There are now several other suppliers 
as well.  That's seriously cool.  AFAICT Zigbee is more of a general 
networking protocol than a home automation standard.

Has anyone in the group tried programming Freescale MCUs with Linux? 
Boy would I like to mess with these chips.


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